Catalogue Licensing

Whether you need exclusive or non-exclusive licenses, we maintain a vast and ever expanding library of original music to elevate your project.  Each and every piece in our collection is composed, recorded, and produced in-house by our collective. 


From custom arrangements to brand new works, our team of veteran composers stand ready to bring your vision to life. No matter your project's scope or scale, our diverse musical backgrounds and creative prowess are sure to be an asset in your corner. 

Community Collaborations

Not only do we offer turnkey satellite services, we also joyfully collaborate with fellow artists and changemakers to co-create new media. As a human-centered organization, we believe that working together in person is one of the most powerful ways to build community. 

Hi-Fi Productions

All of our production is handled in house at the premier recording studio Airship Laboratories located in Richmond, CA. From tracking, to editing, to mixing, to mastering, we offer the highest level of analog and digital production services in the Bay Area.

With one of the largest and best sounding live rooms in the region, we can accommodate projects of any scale.

For sales, questions, or to set up a free consultation with our team, CONTACT US!